In 2005, after losing my dog Simon, I felt a profound emptiness in my heart. I decided I wanted to make a difference in the lives of other dogs by volunteering at my local shelter. As I bathed and took care of the animals, I would take their pictures, hoping it would lead to a loving home sooner, rather than later. These dogs touched my heart, filling the emptiness left behind by my loss.

It wasn't long before I started taking courses in photography. This led to my transition from a hobbyist to a professional photographer, putting together my two passions, pets, and photography. My business was born!

My passion is creating artwork that showcases your pets! I capture the feelings I see in their eyes, and I pour my heart and soul into these photo-sessions, and the animals feel my energy. This allows me to capture the emotions the pet displays, and intangible feelings become tangible in my photographs.

I LOVE what I do, and feel blessed my clients trust me to capture these special moments. Every portrait session is a unique experience creating photographs that become lasting memories forever.

I hope you will allow me to capture the personality of your pet in a work of art that becomes one of your most precious treasures, and you will SMILE because it happened.

Photo Courtesy: "Bark at the Moon Photography"

Photo Courtesy: "Bark at the Moon Photography"




·     My name? Yes, I know.. it might be hard for you to pronounce it! Paola is an Italian name, the Italian version of Paula, but pronounced differently. Want to practice before we meet?! HaHa! Here you go!

·     My Logo? I had a beautiful and smart English Bulldog named Mooza. She was the best present (Christmas's 2006) I have ever received. When I opened my pet photography business, I decided that she was going to be my logo. She inspired me SO much... She left us in September 2016. There's not a day that goes by and I don't think about her, but I continue honoring her life which each pet I photograph! She remains my business logo and ongoing inspiration. 

·     Simon was my beloved Rottweiler. We traveled together more than 5000 miles from Argentina to New York City! He was 8 years old when he left us. He had the biggest head and heart ever! 

·     Foster failures are the best type of failures!! We adopted Reno in 2015, a very sweet Dachshund from Dachshund Rescue South Florida. We foster from time to time, but we couldn't let this little guy go! It was surely love at first sight.

·     In March 2017 I received a text of an English Bulldog needing a new family. She found herself without a home after her human baby brother was born and they couldn't take care of her anymore. We named her Lu and she is now part of our family.

·     Nothing beats the amazing feeling of photographing kids and animals. Children and pets together, well this is like heaven to me!

·     I am spiritual, not religious and a big believer in karma. Whatever we send out to the universe, it comes back to us.

·     I have TONS of patience, even though my husband says otherwise!

·     I get teary-eyed easily. Happy tears, sad tears and it will only get worse with age.

·     I share my days with the loves of my life, Lu, Reno and my loving husband, Gonzalo, who’s Argentinean like me!

I hope this helps you get to know me a little better!  I am looking forward to getting to know you, your family and your Pet!

Let's get in touch! You can call the Studio at 754-200-5699 or reach me by email at